What Is The Best Weight Gainer


For many people, exercise goes hand in hand with losing weight. However, for someone who is already slim and is trying to bulk up, this is the opposite of the intended goal.

To help combat this, many body builders turn to weight gain powders and supplements.

However, with the huge variety of supplements, shakes, and other products, how can anyone find the best weight gainer? What is the best weight gainer in its class? Is there any differences between various weight gainers product in the market and what should I look at most when buying a weight gainers?

To answer those questions and in order to help many peoples out there who are facing problems in choosing the suitable weight gainer, we have decided to give our readers a quick and easy guide.

We hope this article can help you to decide which product suites your needs. Now, most of you may expect that we will directly give the name of the product that we think is the best out there which at the end will brings the success to everyone.

Unfortunately we are not going to do that, what we are going to do is to help you in the selection and show you the factors that play a role when it comes to which product works best.

Know the Basics: How Muscle Is Built

The body is a marvelous machine. When a person works out, muscles are stretched and exercised, often resulting in small rips and tears. This is a good thing, and should be considered very different from a muscle injury.

These small tears stimulate the body to repair the muscle, and in the process, the muscle gets larger and stronger.

Understanding your metabolism: Softgainer VS Hardgainer

It doesn’t matter how experienced is the athlete; he or she needs to know their body. What I mean is you must know whether you are a softgainer or hardgainer.

In bodybuilding circles, a person who can quickly build muscle is called softgainer due to their slow metabolism. The opposite of the Softgainer is the Hardgainer.

Hardgainer is a person who practices bodybuilding that work out hard with weights but has a hard time putting on muscle.

This type of person needs a very high caloric intake to build muscles or fat. According to this popular definition of a hardgainer, all of us are “hardgainers” because for the most part, putting on muscle is not an easy endeavor.

Therefore to get the best result and build muscle faster, you need to know certain ingredients in the gainer that fit to your body. E.g. amino acids, long chain-casein protein, 100% whey protein or creatine, or maybe you just need a concentrated calories.

Get To Know The Ingredients: The Importance of Protein

There are several options when it comes to the best weight gainer. However all have a few things in common. The first thing someone who wants to bulk up needs to look at is protein.

Protein is the building block of muscle, and without it, the body will break down its own in a search for fuel.

A good weight gain supplement will provide extra protein so that the body has enough fuel to not only power its workouts, but also to help repair and rebuild muscle after the workout is over.

One of the most common sources of protein in weight gain supplements is whey protein, and it is a good, easy to digest option.

Proportion of Carbohydrate and Protein

A weight gainer for hard gainer and the normal beginners (which is not an absolute Soft gainer), should have a very high proportion of carbohydrate.

The rest is distributed on protein, amino acids and other ingredients. A weight gainer for Softgainer should have lower carbohydrate content due to the slower metabolism.

As already mentioned, the Softgainer needs not so many carbohydrates. The hard gainer, however, required the carbohydrates in large quantities so that the body ever gets the chance to build up muscles.

Glutamine For Muscle Repair

The next ingredient in a good weight gaining supplement is glutamine. Glutamine is vital for rebuilding and repairing damaged muscle tissue after a strenuous workout.

Studies have shown that the addition of glutamine can help make the process of repair and rebuilding faster and more efficient. Because of this, it is a good addition to any weight gaining supplement.

Other Ingredients

Weight gainer usually contains dextrose (grape sugar) for beginners. This is very appropriate for this target group. Other weight gainer use primarily malt dextrin or even oatmeal and other ingredients such as enzymes, vitamins, or minerals, free amino acids and plant extracts.

There are also some manufacturers who have developed a special matrix of different carbohydrate sources and other performance-enhancing substances such as creatine.

Is Creatine Necessary?

Creatine is a bit of a controversial supplement. Because of its popularity with weight lifters, some people are under the misconception that it is a type of steroid or that it is unhealthy. This is far from the truth.

Creatine is actually a combination of amino acids that are found naturally in the body and are useful in powering up a workout. Adding creatine can help make the body more efficient at transporting energy to the areas it is needed during a period of heavy exercise.

As such, it is considered an essential addition to weight gain supplements.

Types Of Weight Gain Supplements

When it is time to add a weight gain supplement, what are the options? While it is possible to find these supplements in capsule form, it is not ideal.

The most common is a powder that is used or added to a protein shake. These are considered the best, as it can be difficult to get the necessary ingredients into a manageable pill size.

Some people opt for a weight gain shake that includes all the necessary supplements as well as flavor, while others prefer to have only the supplements and add them to their own shake.

It is a matter of preference, as both are equally efficient. When it comes to finding the best weight gainer supplement amidst the wide variety available, it is necessary to look closely at the ingredients label.

By knowing what makes up a good supplement powder, it is possible to ramp up a body building regimen and really start packing on the muscle.

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